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Mishnah, Shekalim, 3.1

nanAt three periods of the year the appropriation is made [from the shekels] in the chamber: Half a month before Pesah, half a month before Shavuot, and half a month before Sukkot, and these are also the threshing floors [the seasons] for the tithe of beasts, the words of Rabbi Akiva. Ben Azzai says: on the twenty-ninth of Adar, and on the first of Sivan, and on the twenty-ninth of Av. Rabbi Elazar and Rabbi Shimon say: on the first of Nisan, on the first of Sivan, and on the twenty-ninth of Elul. Why did they say, “On the twenty-ninth of Elul and not on the first of Tishre? Because the first of Tishre is a holy day, and it is not permitted to tithe on a festival, therefore they moved it up to the twenty-ninth of Elul."

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apollo Eckhardt (2019) 110
berytus Eckhardt (2019) 110
delos Eckhardt (2019) 110
delphi Eckhardt (2019) 110
foreigners,associations of Eckhardt (2019) 110
high priest Trudinger (2004) 18
imitation (of institutions by associations) Eckhardt (2019) 110
isis Eckhardt (2019) 110
legal personality Eckhardt (2019) 110
lucius antonius Eckhardt (2019) 110
money,collected by associations Eckhardt (2019) 110
phoenicians Eckhardt (2019) 110
puteoli Eckhardt (2019) 110
sanctuaries,public Eckhardt (2019) 110
sardeis Eckhardt (2019) 110
sidon Eckhardt (2019) 110
tamid service,components Trudinger (2004) 18
tamid service,description Trudinger (2004) 18
tamid tractate,gaps in Trudinger (2004) 18
tamid tractate,in mishnah' Trudinger (2004) 18
temple (jerusalem) Eckhardt (2019) 110
tyre Eckhardt (2019) 110