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Mishnah, Shekalim, 1.2

nanRabbi Judah said: at first they used to uproot [the kilayim], and throw them down before them. [But] when transgressors increased in number, they used to uproot them and throw them on the roads. [Finally], they decreed that they should make the whole field ownerless."

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subject book bibliographic info
boethusians Cohn (2013) 169
boyarin,daniel,border lines Cohn (2013) 154, 169
calendar,and destruction Simon-Shushan (2012) 200
calendar Simon-Shushan (2012) 200
case stories,stories,etiological Simon-Shushan (2012) 200
destruction,and master narrative Simon-Shushan (2012) 200
judah,r,kilayim (mixed crops) Simon-Shushan (2012) 200
kilayim (mixed crops) Simon-Shushan (2012) 200
statements,casuistic (if/then),steady decline approach Simon-Shushan (2012) 200
stories,didactic,steady decline approach Simon-Shushan (2012) 200
taqqanot,kilayim Simon-Shushan (2012) 200
taqqanot,stories,etiological' Simon-Shushan (2012) 200
weisberg,robert,when the transgressors increased, Simon-Shushan (2012) 200