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Mishnah, Parah, 7.3

nanOne who prepared the mixture with one hand and did some other work with the other hand, the mixture is invalid if he prepared it for himself, but if he prepared it for another man, it is valid. If he prepared a mixture both for himself and for another man, his is invalid and that of the other man is valid. If he prepares mixtures for two men simultaneously, both are valid."

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subject book bibliographic info
corpse impurity Neusner (2001) 306
death,as impurity Neusner (2001) 306
nega impurity,outside cult' Neusner (2001) 306
parah Neusner (2001) 306
purification,corpse-impurity Neusner (2001) 306
water,in purification Neusner (2001) 306