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Mishnah, Parah, 5.5

nanThey can make the mixture in all kinds of vessels, even in vessels made of cattle dung, of stone or of earth. The mixture may also be prepared in a boat. It may not be prepared in the walls of vessels, or in the sides of a large jug, or in the stopper of a jar, or in one's cupped hands, for one does not fill up, or mix in, or sprinkle the hatat with anything but a vessel. Only on a vessel does tightly fitting cover afford protection, for only in vessels is protection afforded against uncleanness within an earthen vessel."

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archaeology of class,elites Keddie (2019) 205
archaeology of class,non-elites Keddie (2019) 205
cilicia Keddie (2019) 205
gamla Keddie (2019) 205
pella Keddie (2019) 205
pottery,eastern terra sigillata a (esa) Keddie (2019) 205
priestly elites,at the jerusalem temple Keddie (2019) 205
purity Keddie (2019) 205
romanization,anti-romanization Keddie (2019) 205
stone vessels' Keddie (2019) 205
tell anafa Keddie (2019) 205