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Mishnah, Niddah, 9.1

nanA woman who was attending to her needs and observed an issue of blood: Rabbi Meir says: if she was standing she is unclean but if she was sitting she remains clean. Rabbi Yose says: in either case she is clean."

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subject book bibliographic info
ammonites Porton (1988) 65
bet hillel Sigal (2007) 91
bet shammai Sigal (2007) 91
blood Porton (1988) 65
bones Balberg (2014) 232
carrying Porton (1988) 65
clothes/garments Porton (1988) 65
crops Porton (1988) 65
experts Libson (2018) 70
impurity Libson (2018) 70
qeri Libson (2018) 70
seminal emissions Balberg (2014) 232
thought (mahshava),role of in purity system Balberg (2014) 232
visibility,implications of for im/purity' Balberg (2014) 232