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Mishnah, Niddah, 6.11

nanIf a girl has grown two pubic hairs she may perform either halitzah or contract levirate marriage, and she is obligated in all the commandments in the Torah. So too if a boy has grown two pubic hairs, he is obligated in all of the commandments in the Torah. He is fit to become a wayward and rebellious son from the time he has grown two hairs until the time when his beard forms a circle. This refers to the lower, and not to the upper one, but the sages spoke using a euphemism. A girl who has grown two hairs may no longer refuse the marriage. Rabbi Judah says: [she may refuse] until the black [hairs] predominate."

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conversion Schiffman (1983) 68
court,of three Schiffman (1983) 68
deaf-mute,heave-offering separated by Avery-Peck (1981) 34
essenes Schiffman (1983) 68
havurah (pharisaic) Schiffman (1983) 68
heave-offering,separation of Avery-Peck (1981) 34
hebrew,masoretic Schiffman (1983) 68
hebrew,qumran Schiffman (1983) 68
hebrew,rabbinic Schiffman (1983) 68
judah,heave-offering,separated by minor Avery-Peck (1981) 34
minor,heave-offering separated by Avery-Peck (1981) 34
oath,of initiation Schiffman (1983) 68
oath Schiffman (1983) 68
orthography,masoretic,qumran Schiffman (1983) 68
priests,aaronide Schiffman (1983) 68
puberty Schiffman (1983) 68
sect,admittance to Schiffman (1983) 68
temple,cult Schiffman (1983) 68
witnesses,qualifications of' Schiffman (1983) 68
yose,heave-offering,separated by minor Avery-Peck (1981) 34