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Mishnah, Niddah, 5.9

nanIf a woman at the age of twenty did not bring forth two hairs, she must bring evidence that she is twenty years of age and she is an aylonit, she doesn't perform halitzah or yibbum. If a man at the age of twenty years did not produce two hairs, he must bring evidence that he is twenty years old and he becomes confirmed as a saris and he doesn't perform halitzah or yibbum, the words of Bet Hillel. Bet Shammai says: with both of them at the age of eighteen. Rabbi Eliezer says: In the case of the male, according to the words of Bet Hillel, while in that of the female, in accordance with the words of Bet Shammai, since a woman matures earlier than a man."

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amoraim,amoraic period Schiffman (1983) 69
anan ben david Schiffman (1983) 69
conversion Schiffman (1983) 68
court,of three Schiffman (1983) 68
essenes Schiffman (1983) 68
fetha naghast Schiffman (1983) 69
havurah (pharisaic) Schiffman (1983) 68
hebrew,masoretic Schiffman (1983) 68
hebrew,qumran Schiffman (1983) 68
hebrew,rabbinic Schiffman (1983) 68
inheritance Schiffman (1983) 69
judges Schiffman (1983) 69
karaites Schiffman (1983) 69
kumisi,daniel al- Schiffman (1983) 69
law,talmudic Schiffman (1983) 69
oath,of initiation Schiffman (1983) 68
oath Schiffman (1983) 68
orthography,masoretic,qumran Schiffman (1983) 68
priests,aaronide Schiffman (1983) 68
puberty Schiffman (1983) 68
rav papa,real estate,sale of Schiffman (1983) 69
repentance Schiffman (1983) 69
second commonwealth period Schiffman (1983) 69
sect,admittance to Schiffman (1983) 68
semi-proselytes Schiffman (1983) 69
temple,cult,jerusalem Schiffman (1983) 69
temple,cult Schiffman (1983) 68
testimony Schiffman (1983) 69
violation of the law Schiffman (1983) 69
wine,grape juice Schiffman (1983) 69
witnesses,age of Schiffman (1983) 69
witnesses,qualifications of' Schiffman (1983) 69
witnesses,qualifications of Schiffman (1983) 68