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Mishnah, Niddah, 5.7

nanThe sages spoke of [the physical development of] a woman in a parable: an unripe fig, a fig in its early ripening stage and a ripe fig. \"An unripe fig\": while she is yet a child; \"A fig in its early ripening stage\": when she is in her youth (naarut). In both ages her father is entitled to anything she finds and to her handiwork and to the right of invalidating her vows. \"A ripe fig\" as soon as she becomes of majority age (bogeret), her father has no longer any right over her."

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subject book bibliographic info
akiba,rabbi Fonrobert and Jaffee (2007) 276
ben azai,shimon Fonrobert and Jaffee (2007) 276
body,female Fonrobert and Jaffee (2007) 276
body,male' Fonrobert and Jaffee (2007) 276
mishnaic law,on body Fonrobert and Jaffee (2007) 276
roman context,law Fonrobert and Jaffee (2007) 276
yosi ha-galili,rabbi Fonrobert and Jaffee (2007) 276