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Mishnah, Niddah, 2.5

nanThe sages spoke of a woman through a metaphor: A chamber, a vestibule and an upper chamber. The blood of the chamber is unclean, If blood is found in the vestibule, and there arises a doubt about its character, it is deemed unclean, because it is presumed to have come from the source."

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subject book bibliographic info
body,female Fonrobert and Jaffee (2007) 275
body,male Fonrobert and Jaffee (2007) 275
miriams well Ashbrook Harvey et al (2015) 226
mishnaic law,on body Fonrobert and Jaffee (2007) 275
purity (impurity),menstrual (niddah)' Fonrobert and Jaffee (2007) 275
roman context,law Fonrobert and Jaffee (2007) 275
wells,and feminine archetype Ashbrook Harvey et al (2015) 226
wells,miraculous Ashbrook Harvey et al (2015) 226
women,conflicting views of,in biblical and rabbinic tradition Ashbrook Harvey et al (2015) 226