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Mishnah, Niddah, 2.4

nanAll women are in the presumption of being pure for their husband. For those who return from a journey, their wives are in the presumption of being pure. Bet Shammai says: a woman needs two testing-rags for every time she has intercourse, or she must have relations in the light of a lamp. Bet Hillel says: two testing-rags suffice her for the whole night."

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subject book bibliographic info
fiction,legal,rabbinic revision of Hayes (2015) 240, 241, 242
fuller,lon Hayes (2015) 219, 240
mamzer and legal fiction Hayes (2015) 240
menstrual impurity,and legal presumption Hayes (2015) 240, 241, 242
menstrual impurity Hayes (2015) 219
nominalism,legal,in rabbinic sources Hayes (2015) 219
nominalism,legal,realist revision of Hayes (2015) 240, 241, 242
presumption,legal Hayes (2015) 219
realism,legal,in rabbinic sources' Hayes (2015) 240
realism,legal,in rabbinic sources Hayes (2015) 219, 241, 242
torahs deviation from Hayes (2015) 219