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Mishnah, Niddah, 10.7

nanBut they agree that she may eat second tithe. And she may set aside her hallah, bring it near to the dough and call it by its name. And if any of her spit or her pure blood fell on a loaf of terumah it remains clean. Bet Shammai says: she requires immersion at the end [of her days of purification], Bet Hillel says: she does not require immersion at the end."

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subject book bibliographic info
ejaculants/baal qeri Cohen (2010) 406
immersion,in m. pesahim,yerushalmi and bavli,as marking a change in the converts status Cohen (2010) 323
menstruants/niddah,and the sacred Cohen (2010) 406
menstruants/niddah,from ritually impure to being a danger' Cohen (2010) 406