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Mishnah, Moed Qatan, 2.5

nanThey may cover [drying] figs with straw. Rabbi Judah says: they may even be pile [the figs] up [in heaps]. Sellers of produce, clothing and [other] vessels may sell privately for the requirements of the festival. Trappers [of fish and birds], groats-makers and grist-millers may engage in their work privately for the requirements of the festival. Rabbi Yose says: they were strict upon themselves."

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anecdotes,rabbi portrayals Simon-Shushan (2012) 252
bavli Simon-Shushan (2012) 252
chriai Simon-Shushan (2012) 252
cox,patricia Simon-Shushan (2012) 252
gamliel,r.,bavli Simon-Shushan (2012) 252
miracle workers Simon-Shushan (2012) 252
mishnah,prehistory Simon-Shushan (2012) 252
rabbis,sage stories Simon-Shushan (2012) 252
rabbis,stringencies Simon-Shushan (2012) 252
stringencies' Simon-Shushan (2012) 252