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Mishnah, Moed Qatan, 2.4

nanThey may not purchase houses, slaves or cattle unless it is for the needs of the festival, or the need of the seller who does not have enough to eat. They may not move [belongings] from one house to another house, but he may move [his belongings] within his courtyard. They may not bring back vessels from the house of the craftsman, but if one is anxious about them, he may remove them to another courtyard.

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subject book bibliographic info
amidah Porton (1988) 84
animals Porton (1988) 214, 245
animals food Porton (1988) 214
buying and/or selling Porton (1988) 84, 214, 245
canaanite slaves Porton (1988) 84
cattle Porton (1988) 84, 214
city/town Porton (1988) 214, 245
clothes/garments Porton (1988) 245
dangerous gentile Porton (1988) 84
dog-(food)' Porton (1988) 214