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Mishnah, Moed Qatan, 1.7

nanOne may not marry a woman during the festival, whether a virgin or a widow, nor may one perform levirate marriage, because this is a joy for him. But one may remarry his divorced wife. And a woman may make the adornments [for her wedding] during the festival. Rabbi Judah says: she may not put on lime, as that is a [temporary] disfigurement to her."

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subject book bibliographic info
body hair Rosen-Zvi (2012) 81
divorce Libson (2018) 173
fingernails Rosen-Zvi (2012) 81
hair covering Rosen-Zvi (2012) 81
idolatry Rosen-Zvi (2012) 82
lime Rosen-Zvi (2012) 81
marriage Libson (2018) 173
nazirite Rosen-Zvi (2012) 81
poverty Rosen-Zvi (2012) 81
rebellious wife Libson (2018) 173
sentries Rosen-Zvi (2012) 81
shame Rosen-Zvi (2012) 82
ugliness Rosen-Zvi (2012) 82
vow Rosen-Zvi (2012) 81
women,captive' Rosen-Zvi (2012) 81
women,captive Rosen-Zvi (2012) 82