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Mishnah, Menachot, 7.5

nanOne who says: “Behold I take upon myself [to bring] a todah”, he must bring both it and its bread from hullin. [If he said:] “A todah from hullin and its bread from tithe,” he must bring the bread from hullin. [If he said:] “A todah from tithe and bread from hullin,” he may bring. [If he said:] “A todah, it and its bread from tithe,” he may bring. But he must not bring from grain of second tithe, rather from second tithe money."

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subject book bibliographic info
priests,and tithes Udoh (2006) 275
tithe,collected by individual priests and levites Udoh (2006) 275
tithe,in second temple period Udoh (2006) 275
tithe,of livestock Udoh (2006) 275
tithe,systems of collection for,collection by individual priests and levites' Udoh (2006) 275