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Mishnah, Menachot, 6.2

nanThe minhah of the priests, The minhah of the anointed high priest, And the minhah that is offered with the libations are [wholly] for the altar and the priests have no share in them; with these the altar is more privileged than the priests. The two loaves and the showbread are eaten by the priests and the altar has no share in them; with these the priests are more privileged than the altar."

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artemis,agrotera Lupu(2005) 334
bread Lupu(2005) 334
cakes Lupu(2005) 334
jerusalem,temple Lupu(2005) 334
lehem hapanim Lupu(2005) 334
minhah Lupu(2005) 334
popanon Lupu(2005) 334
priests,cakes and Lupu(2005) 334
sacrifice,israelite' Lupu(2005) 334