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Mishnah, Menachot, 5.6

nanThese require waving but not bringing near: The log of oil of the leper and his guilt-offering, The first fruits, according to Rabbi Eliezer ben Yaakov, The innards of an individual’s shelamim and its breast and thigh, whether they are the offerings of men or of women, by Israelites but not by others; The two loaves and the two lambs of Shavuot. How does he perform [the waving]? He places the two loaves upon the two lambs and puts his two hands beneath them and waves them forward and backward and upward and downward, for it is written, “which is waved and which is lifted up” (Exodus 29:27). The waving was performed on the east side [of the altar] and the bringing near on the west side. The ceremony of waving comes before that of bringing near. The minhah of the omer and the minhah of jealousy require bringing near and waving. The showbread and the minhah with the libations require neither bringing near nor waving."

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abot,narrative subordinated to topical program in Neusner (2004) 150
alon,g.' Fonrobert and Jaffee (2007) 263
commandments Rubenstein(1995) 314
commemoration Rubenstein(1995) 315
cultic literature Neusner (2004) 150
desert Rubenstein(1995) 315
diaspora Rubenstein(1995) 314
harvest,ingathering Rubenstein(1995) 314
homily Rubenstein(1995) 314
lulav Rubenstein(1995) 314, 315
mishnah,narrative subordinated to topical program in Neusner (2004) 150
narrative,subordinated to exemplary cases in rabbinic literature Neusner (2004) 150
rain Rubenstein(1995) 314, 315
shavuot Rubenstein(1995) 314, 315
shmini aṣeret Rubenstein(1995) 315
sifra,narrative subordinated to topical program in Neusner (2004) 150
sifre to deuteronomy,narrative subordinated to topical program in Neusner (2004) 150
sifré to numbers,narrative subordinated to topical program in Neusner (2004) 150
sukka Rubenstein(1995) 315
symbol Rubenstein(1995) 314
temple Rubenstein(1995) 315
tosefta,narrative subordinated to topical program in Neusner (2004) 150