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Mishnah, Menachot, 5.3

nanSome [minhahs] require oil and frankincense, some require oil but not frankincense, some frankincense but not oil, and some neither oil nor frankincense. These require oil and frankincense: the minhah of fine flour, that prepared on a griddle, that prepared in a pan, the cakes and the wafers, the minhah of the priests, the minhah of the anointed high priest, the minhah of a gentile, the minhah of women, and the minhah of the omer. The minhah offered with the drink-offerings requires oil but not frankincense. The showbread requires frankincense but not oil. The two loaves, the sinner's minhah and the minhah of jealousy require neither oil nor frankincense."

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alon,g. Fonrobert and Jaffee (2007) 263
priesthood Bickerman and Tropper (2007) 598
sacrifice Bickerman and Tropper (2007) 598
temple,aliens forbidden to participate in rites Bickerman and Tropper (2007) 598
temple,exclusion of aliens Bickerman and Tropper (2007) 598
temple,gentile offerings Bickerman and Tropper (2007) 598
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