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Mishnah, Menachot, 3.4

nanIf the remainder of the minhah became unclean or was burnt or lost: According to the rule of Rabbi Eliezer it is valid [to burn the fistful], But according to the rule of Rabbi Joshua it is invalid. If [he did] not [put the fistful] into a ministering vessel it is invalid; But Rabbi Shimon declares it valid. If he burnt the handful twice, it is valid."

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subject book bibliographic info
analogy Balberg (2017) 102
blood,primacy of Balberg (2017) 75
blood Balberg (2017) 102
consumption Balberg (2017) 102
grain offerings Balberg (2017) 102
handful (qometz) Balberg (2017) 102
meat,and blood Balberg (2017) 75
permitter (matir)' Balberg (2017) 102
remainders Balberg (2017) 102
ritual narrative Balberg (2017) 75
substances,sacrificial,validity of Balberg (2017) 75
temple Balberg (2017) 75
validity Balberg (2017) 75