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Mishnah, Menachot, 3.3

nanTwo minhahs from which the handfuls had not yet been taken out were mixed together: If it is still possible to take the handful from each separately, they are valid; If not, they are invalid. If the handful [of a minhah] was mixed with a minhah from which the handful had not yet been taken, he must not burn it. If he did burn it, then the minhah from which the handful had been taken fulfills the owner's obligation while the other from which the handful had not been taken does not fulfill the owner's obligation. If the handful was mixed with the remainder of the minhah or with the remainder of another minhah, it must not be burned; If he did burn it does fulfill the owner's obligation. If the handful had become unclean and yet he offered it, the head plate renders it acceptable, But if it went out [of the Temple Court] and was afterwards he offered it, the headplate does not render it acceptable. For the headplate renders acceptable only an offering which was unclean but not that which was taken out."

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analogy Balberg (2017) 102
bird offerings Balberg (2017) 77
blood,primacy of Balberg (2017) 77
blood Balberg (2017) 102
burning (haqtara) Balberg (2017) 77
burnt offering (olah) Balberg (2017) 77
consumption Balberg (2017) 102
grain offerings Balberg (2017) 102
handful (qometz) Balberg (2017) 102
meat,in sacrifice Balberg (2017) 77
permitter (matir)' Balberg (2017) 102
remainders Balberg (2017) 102
ritual narrative Balberg (2017) 77
substances,sacrificial,validity of Balberg (2017) 77