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Mishnah, Menachot, 2.1

nanIf he took out the handful [intending] to eat the remainder or to burn the handful the next day, in this case Rabbi Yose agrees that the offering is piggul and he is obligated for karet. [If he intended] to burn its frankincense the next day: Rabbi Yose says: it is invalid but he is not liable for karet. But the sages say: it is piggul and he is liable for karet. They said to him: how does this differ from an animal-offering? He said to them: with the animal-offering the blood, the flesh and the sacrificial portions are all one; but the frankincense is not part of the minhah."

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altar (mizbeah)̣ Balberg (2017) 103
and blood Balberg (2017) 103
consecration Balberg (2017) 103
performance,importanceof to sacrifice Balberg (2017) 103
process,sacrificial,blood in Balberg (2017) 103
prohibition Balberg (2017) 103
purpose of sacrifice,atonement as Balberg (2017) 103
work of blood (avodat ha-dam)' Balberg (2017) 103