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Mishnah, Menachot, 13.2

nan[If he said] “A minhah” or “a kind of minhah,” he may bring one [of any kind]. [If he said] “Menahot” or “A kind from menahot,” he must bring two [of any one kind]. [If he said,] “I specified [a certain kind], but I do not know what kind I specified,” he must bring the five kinds. [If he said,] “I specified a minhah of [a certain number of] tenths but I do not know what number I specified,” he must bring sixty tenths. But Rabbi says, he must bring menahot [of every number] of tenths from one to sixty."

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congregation,funding by,and grain offerings Balberg (2017) 132
congregational offerings (qorbanot tzibbur) Balberg (2017) 132
grain offerings Balberg (2017) 132
oil' Balberg (2017) 132