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Mishnah, Menachot, 11.3

nanThe high priest’s griddle cakes: their kneading, their shaping, and their baking were performed within [the Temple Court], And they override the Shabbat. The grinding [of the grain for it] and the sifting did not override the Shabbat. Rabbi Akiva said a general rule: any work that can be done on the eve of Shabbat does not override Shabbat, but that which cannot be done on the eve of Shabbat does override Shabbat."

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david Sigal (2007) 159, 160
high priest Trudinger (2004) 18
tamid service,components Trudinger (2004) 18
tamid service,description Trudinger (2004) 18
tamid tractate,gaps in Trudinger (2004) 18
tamid tractate,in mishnah' Trudinger (2004) 18