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Mishnah, Menachot, 10.2

nanThe mitzvah of the omer is that it should be brought from [what grows] near by. If [the crop] near Jerusalem was not yet ripe, it could be brought from any place. It once happened that the omer was brought from Gagot Zerifin and the two loaves from the plain of En Soker."

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subject book bibliographic info
antiochus iv (epiphanes) Noam (2018) 173
aretas iii Noam (2018) 165
aristobulus ii Noam (2018) 160, 165, 173
boethusians Cohn (2013) 164
boyarin,daniel,border lines Cohn (2013) 164
breuer,yochanan Cohn (2013) 136
day of atonement ritual,and sectarianism Cohn (2013) 164
epstein,j. n. Cohn (2013) 136
essenes Cohn (2013) 164
hyrcanus ii Noam (2018) 160, 165
onias Noam (2018) 165
passover' Noam (2018) 165