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Mishnah, Menachot, 1.2

nanAs for both a sinner’s minhah and any other minhah if [one of the following] removed the handful: a non-priest; or [a priest] that was an onen; or one who immersed himself during the day; or was not wearing the priestly vestments, or whose atonement was lacking; or who had not washed his hands and feet; or that was uncircumcised; or unclean; or was sitting, or standing upon vessels or upon a beast or upon another's feet, it is invalid. If [a priest] removed the handful with his left hand it is invalid. Ben Batera says: he may put [the handful] back and take it out again with the right hand. If on taking the handful there came into his hand a small stone or a grain of salt or a drop of frankincense it is invalid, for they have said: if the handful was too much or too little it is invalid. What is meant by “too much? If he took an overflowing handful. And ‘too little’? If he took the handful with the tips of his fingers only. How should he do it? He should stretch out his fingers on to the palm of his hand."

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action,versus substances Balberg (2017) 100
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extirpation (karet) Balberg (2017) 100
grain offerings Balberg (2017) 100
omer offering' Balberg (2017) 100
ordinance Balberg (2017) 100
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priestly code (p),on grain offerings Balberg (2017) 100
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