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Mishnah, Makkot, 3.16

nanRabbi Hananiah ben Akashia says: “The Holy Blessed One, desired to make Israel worthy, therefore gave He gave them much Torah [to study] and many commandments [to perform]: for it is says, “The Lord desires [his servant’s] vindication, that he may magnify and glorify [His] teaching.”"

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subject book bibliographic info
atonement,foundations of Neusner (2001) 131
constitution Brooke et al (2008) 7
god,lawgiver Brooke et al (2008) 7
interiorities defined,rebellion and sin Neusner (2001) 131
interpretation,biblical Brooke et al (2008) 7
interpretation,hellenistic jewish Brooke et al (2008) 7
interpretation,pre-rabbinic Brooke et al (2008) 7
josephus Brooke et al (2008) 7
learning,from more than one teacher Hirshman (2009) 152
nomos Brooke et al (2008) 7
philo of alexandria Brooke et al (2008) 7
politics Brooke et al (2008) 7
rabbinic judaism Brooke et al (2008) 7
reasoning Hirshman (2009) 152
revelation,law Brooke et al (2008) 7
revelation Brooke et al (2008) 7
sinai,lawgiving Brooke et al (2008) 7
sinai Brooke et al (2008) 7
torah,constitution Brooke et al (2008) 7
tradition,received' Hirshman (2009) 152