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Mishnah, Makkot, 3.13

nanThe handle is a handbreadth long and a handbreadth wide, its tip reaching to the edge of the [offender’s] abdomen. He administers one-third [of the lashes] in front and two-thirds behind. He lashes him not in a standing or sitting position but stooping, as it says, “And the judge shall cause him to fall [stoop] down” (Deut. 25:2). He who administers the lashes lashes with his one hand and with his whole force."

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subject book bibliographic info
breuer,yochanan Cohn (2013) 136
epstein,j. n. Cohn (2013) 136
mourning Rosen-Zvi (2012) 72
nudity Rosen-Zvi (2012) 72
shame Rosen-Zvi (2012) 72
synagogue' Rosen-Zvi (2012) 72
temple Rosen-Zvi (2012) 239