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Mishnah, Makkot, 2.5

nanAnd direct roads were made leading from one to the other, as it says, “You shall prepare the way and divide the borders of your land into three parts” (Deut. 19:3). And they delegate to him to disciples of the Sages [as escorts] in case anyone attempted to slay him on the way, and that they might speak to him. Rabbi Meir says: “He may [even] plead his cause himself, as it says, “And this is the word of the manslayer” (Deut. 19:4)."

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evidence,rules of Rosen-Zvi (2012) 166
humiliation Rosen-Zvi (2012) 166
kinnuy' Rosen-Zvi (2012) 166
sotah,guilt and innocence of Rosen-Zvi (2012) 166
testimony Rosen-Zvi (2012) 166