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Mishnah, Makkot, 2.3

nanThe father goes into banishment for [the death of] his son, and the son goes into banishment for [that of] his father. All go into banishment for [the death of] an Israelite, and Israelites go into banishment on their account, except for a resident alien. And a resident alien does not go into banishment except for [the death of another] resident alien. A blind person does not go into banishment, the words of Rabbi Judah. Rabbi Meir says: “He goes into banishment.” An enemy does not go into banishment. Rabbi Yose bar Judah says: “An enemy is executed, for it is as if he has been warned.” Rabbi Shimon says: “There is an enemy that goes into banishment and there is an enemy that does not go into banishment: wherever it can be said that he had killed [his victim] wittingly, he goes not into banishment, and where he had slain unwittingly, he goes into banishment."

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alon,g. Fonrobert and Jaffee (2007) 263
converts/proselytes,treatment under homicide and tort law' Cohen (2010) 371
izates,king of adiabene Price Finkelberg and Shahar (2021) 215
rabbi shimon ben eleazar Price Finkelberg and Shahar (2021) 215