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Mishnah, Makkot, 1.9

nanIf two persons see him [the transgressor] from one window and two other persons see him from another window and one standing in the middle warns him, then, if some on one side and some on the other side can see one another, they constitute together one body of evidence, but if they cannot [see one another], they are two bodies of evidence. Consequently, if one of these is found to be a perjurer, both [the transgressor] and those two witnesses are put to death, while other group of witnesses is exempt. Rabbi Yose says: “He is never put to death unless two witnesses had warned him, as it says, “by the mouth of two witnesses..” (Deut. 17:6). Another interpretation: “By the mouth of two witnesses”: that the Sanhedrin shall not hear the evidence from the mouth of an interpreter."

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abba saul Schiffman (1983) 79
amoraim,amoraic period Schiffman (1983) 79
capital matters Schiffman (1983) 79
conviction Schiffman (1983) 79
court,of twenty-three (small sanhedrin) Schiffman (1983) 79
execution Schiffman (1983) 79
exegesis,sectarian Schiffman (1983) 79
financial contact,matters Schiffman (1983) 79
flagellation,flogging (malqut) Schiffman (1983) 79
incarceration Schiffman (1983) 79
judgment after death Schiffman (1983) 79
offenses,repetition of Schiffman (1983) 79
pharisaic-rabbinic tradition,law Schiffman (1983) 79
rabbi joshua ben qorha Schiffman (1983) 79
tannaim,tannaitic law,judaism,period Schiffman (1983) 79
testimony,combination of Schiffman (1983) 79
testimony,law of,(zadokite fragments) Schiffman (1983) 79
testimony Schiffman (1983) 79
trial,liability to be tried Schiffman (1983) 79
witnesses,single (one) Schiffman (1983) 79
witnesses,three Schiffman (1983) 79
witnesses,two' Schiffman (1983) 79