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Mishnah, Makkot, 1.2

nan[If they say]: “We testify that so and so owes his friend two hundred zuz”, and they are found to be perjurers, they are flogged and ordered to make restitution, because the count which brings upon them the flogging is not the count that brings upon them the necessity to make restitution, these are the words of Rabbi Meir. But the Sages say: “Anyone who makes restitution is not flogged.”"

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contamination,susceptibility to Neusner (2001) 278
corpse impurity,intentionality and Neusner (2001) 278
corpse impurity,of food' Neusner (2001) 278
food,cleanness of Neusner (2001) 278
intentionality,and impurity Neusner (2001) 278
liquids Neusner (2001) 278
makhshirin Neusner (2001) 278