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Mishnah, Makhshirin, 6.1

הַמַּעֲלֶה פֵרוֹתָיו לַגַּג מִפְּנֵי הַכְּנִימָה, וְיָרַד עֲלֵיהֶם טַל, אֵינָם בְּכִי יֻתַּן. אִם נִתְכַּוֵּן לְכָךְ, הֲרֵי זֶה בְכִי יֻתַּן. הֶעֱלָן חֵרֵשׁ, שׁוֹטֶה וְקָטָן, אַף עַל פִּי שֶׁחִשַּׁב שֶׁיֵּרֵד עֲלֵיהֶן הַטַּל, אֵינָן בְּכִי יֻתַּן, שֶׁיֶּשׁ לָהֶן מַעֲשֶׂה וְאֵין לָהֶן מַחֲשָׁבָה:One who carries his produce up to the roof because of maggots, and dew came down upon it, it does not come under the law of ‘if water be put’; But if he intended for this to happen, it does come under the law of ‘if water be put’. If a deaf-mute, or a person not of sound senses, or a minor carried it up, although he expected that dew should come down upon it, it does not come under the law of ‘if water be put’, because with these the act alone counts, but not the intention.

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subject book bibliographic info
albeck Eilberg-Schwartz (1986) 219
bertinoro Eilberg-Schwartz (1986) 219
food,im/purity of Balberg (2014) 93
idolatry,in the mishnah Schick (2021) 18
intention Libson (2018) 42
liquids,activation of impurity though Balberg (2014) 93
mentally inept person (shoteh/-ah) Balberg (2014) 212
thought (mahshava),role of in purity system Balberg (2014) 212, 214
tort law,in tannaitic sources Schick (2021) 18
tort law,strict liability Schick (2021) 18
visibility,implications of for im/purity' Balberg (2014) 212
visibility,implications of for im/purity Balberg (2014) 214