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Mishnah, Kiddushin, 4.3

nanAll who are forbidden to enter into the assembly may intermarry with each other. Rabbi Judah forbids it. Rabbi Elazar says: those who are certain [may marry] those who are certain, but those who are certain with those who are doubtful and those who are doubtful with those who are certain and those who are doubtful with others who are doubtful this is prohibited. Who are “those who are doubtful”? The shtuki, the asufi and the Samaritan."

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chancey,mark Cohn (2013) 153
marriage Allison (2018) 376
persia Allison (2018) 376
repentance Allison (2018) 376
reward Allison (2018) 376
samaria/samaritans' Allison (2018) 376