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Mishnah, Kiddushin, 1.2

nanA Hebrew slave is acquired by money and by document; And acquires himself by years, by Jubilee, and by deduction from the purchase price. A Hebrew maidservant is greater in that she acquires herself by ‘signs [of physical maturity]’. He whose ear is bored is acquired by boring, and acquires himself by Jubilee or his master's death."

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subject book bibliographic info
halakhah/halakhot Fraade (2011) 437
hermeneutics/hermeneutical—see also,interpretation Fraade (2011) 436
midrash/midrashim Fraade (2011) 437
prayer Fraade (2011) 436, 437
priests/priesthood Fraade (2011) 436
sages,the Fraade (2011) 437
thematization' Fraade (2011) 436
thematization Fraade (2011) 437