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Mishnah, Bikkurim, 3.1

nanHow does one set aside bikkurim? A man goes down into his field, he sees a fig that ripened, or a cluster of grapes that ripened, or a pomegranate that ripened, he ties a reed-rope around it and says: “Let these be bikkurim.” Rabbi Shimon says: even so, he must again designate them as bikkurim after they have been plucked from the soil."

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animals,sacred,hekdesh status of Gordon (2020) 168
antiochus iii Gordon (2020) 168
athena Gordon (2020) 168
consecration,in rabbinic writings Gordon (2020) 168
first fruits Gordon (2020) 168
fourth-year fruits Gordon (2020) 168
greece,sacrilege in Gordon (2020) 168
hasmoneans,and taxation policy Gordon (2020) 168
heave-offering Gordon (2020) 168
hekdesh,as temple property Gordon (2020) 168
herod,wealth of Gordon (2020) 168
leases,by the jerusalem temple Gordon (2020) 168
levites,as recipients of prebendary entitlements Gordon (2020) 168
priests,in judea,as recipients of gifts and prebendary entitlements Gordon (2020) 168
rabbis,and the consecration of land Gordon (2020) 168
sacred land,in judea,in rabbinic writings Gordon (2020) 168
sacred land,in judea,of the jerusalem temple Gordon (2020) 168
sacred land,in judea,special boundary markers for Gordon (2020) 168
sacred land,in judea,taxation of Gordon (2020) 168
trees,sacred' Gordon (2020) 168