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Mishnah, Bikkurim, 2.3

nanThere are [laws] which apply to terumah and maaser [sheni] but not to bikkurim:Terumah and the [second] tithe render forbidden [the contents of] the threshing-floor; They have a set amount. They apply to all produce; Both during and after Temple times; [And they apply to to produce grown] by sharecroppers, leasers, or occupiers of confiscated property (sikarikon), or a robber. These are [the laws] which apply to terumah and maaser [sheni], but not to bikkurim."

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ritual purity,of temple,according to rabbis Klawans (2009) 195
sacrifice,ownership of Klawans (2009) 195
sinners,admitted to temple Klawans (2009) 195
theft' Klawans (2009) 195