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Mishnah, Bikkurim, 2.2

nanThere are [laws] which apply to [second tithe] and bikkurim but not to terumah:That [second] tithe and bikkurim must to be brought to [the appointed] place; They require confession; They are forbidden to an onen. But Rabbi Shimon permits [bikkurim to an onen]; They are subject to [the law of] removal. But Rabbi Shimon exempts [bikkurim from removal]. And in Jerusalem the slightest mixture of them [with hullin of the same species] renders it forbidden to be consumed [as common food outside of Jerusalem.] And what grows from them in Jerusalem is forbidden to be consumed [outside of Jerusalem], Even by non-priests or by cattle; But Rabbi Shimon permits. These are [the laws] which apply to [second] tithe and bikkurim, but not to terumah."

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heave offering Udoh (2006) 273
priests,and tithes Udoh (2006) 273
tithe,and heave-offering Udoh (2006) 273
tithe,centralized collection of Udoh (2006) 273
tithe,collected by individual priests and levites Udoh (2006) 273
tithe,given to priests or levites Udoh (2006) 273
tithe,in mishnah and talmud,in mishnaic legislation given to levites Udoh (2006) 273
tithe,in mishnah and talmud Udoh (2006) 273
tithe,in second temple period Udoh (2006) 273
tithe,systems of collection for,centralized collection Udoh (2006) 273
tithe,systems of collection for,collection by individual priests and levites' Udoh (2006) 273