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Mishnah, Bikkurim, 1.3

nanBikkurim are brought only from the seven species. Not from dates grown on hills, nor from [the other species] grown in the valley, nor from olives that are not choice. Bikkurim are not to be brought before Shavuot. The people from Mt. Zevoim brought bikkurim prior to Atzeret (Shavuot), but they did not accept from them, on for it is written in the Torah: “And the festival of the harvest, the first-fruits of your labors, which you have sown in the field” (Exodus 23:16)."

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abot,exemplarity in Neusner (2004) 81
akiba Rubenstein(1995) 166
allon,g. Rubenstein(1995) 166
blessings Rubenstein(1995) 166
calendar Rubenstein(1995) 166
harvest,ingathering Rubenstein(1995) 166
judgment Rubenstein(1995) 166
lamentations rabbah,law,exemplary cases and Neusner (2004) 81
lieberman,s. Rubenstein(1995) 166
mishnah,exemplarity in Neusner (2004) 81
narrative,in mishnah' Neusner (2004) 81
pesaḥ,passover Rubenstein(1995) 166
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shavuot Rubenstein(1995) 166
sifra,exemplarity in Neusner (2004) 81
sifre to deuteronomy,exemplarity in Neusner (2004) 81
sifré to numbers,exemplarity in Neusner (2004) 81
temple,writings about,narrative subordinated to topical program in Neusner (2004) 81
tosefta,exemplarity in Neusner (2004) 81
trees Rubenstein(1995) 166
yom kippur Rubenstein(1995) 166