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Mishnah, Bikkurim, 1.1

nanThere are some who bring bikkurim and recite [the declaration]; others who only bring, but do not recite; and there are some who neither bring nor recite.The following are those that do not bring: one who plants [a vine] on his own property, but buries [a shoot in the ground] so that [it] grows on property belonging to [another] individual or to the public. And similarly if one buries [a shoot in the ground] of another person’s private property or in public property, so that it grows on his own property; Or, if one plants [a vine] on his own [property] and [buries it in the ground] so that it still grows on his own property, but there is a private or public road between, such a one does not bring [bikkurim.] Rabbi Judah says: such a one has to bring bikkurim."

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