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Mishnah, Berachot, 9.2

nan[On witnessing] comets, earthquakes, thunder, or windy storms one says, “Blessed be He whose strength and might fill the world.” [On seeing] mountains, hills, seas, rivers or deserts one says, “Blessed be He who made creation.” Rabbi Judah says: one who sees the Great Sea should say, “Blessed be He who made the Great Sea,” if he sees it at intervals. For rain and for good news one says, “Blessed be He that is good and grants good.” For bad news one says, “Blessed be the true judge.”"

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subject book bibliographic info
balaam,barak,etymology of Feldman (2006) 611
claudius,roman emperor,expulsion of jews from rome by Feldman (2006) 611
divine/god,,judgement Fishbane (2003) 395
divine/god,,justice Fishbane (2003) 395
israel,rebellion of Fishbane (2003) 395
minim stories,in the babylonian talmud,satire and irony in Bar Asher Siegal (2018) 90
sinai Fishbane (2003) 395
supernal,withdrawal Fishbane (2003) 395
theology,christian,euangelion (good tiding)' Bar Asher Siegal (2018) 90
withdrawal Fishbane (2003) 395
yoḥanan ben zakkai Fishbane (2003) 395
ḥiyya bar abba (r.),influence on divine realms Fishbane (2003) 395