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Mishnah, Berachot, 8.2

nanBet Shammai says: they wash their hands and then they pour the cup [of wine]. Bet Hillel says: they pour the cup [of wine] and then they wash their hands."

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subject book bibliographic info
alexandrian Sigal (2007) 92
christianity Sigal (2007) 92
eleazar b. sadoq,acquisition of untithed produce,meals,preparing untithed produce Jaffee (1981) 133
eleazar b. sadoq,acquisition of untithed produce,removal of tithes Jaffee (1981) 133
handwashing Klawans (2009) 201
josephus Klawans (2009) 201
prayer (jewish/rabbinic) Klawans (2009) 201
ritual baths (miqvaot) Klawans (2009) 201
ritual purity,maintained beyond the temple Klawans (2009) 201
temple,third/new temple' Klawans (2009) 201