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Mishnah, Berachot, 7.2

nanWomen, children and slaves they do not recite an invitation over them. How much [must one have eaten] in order for them to recite an invitation? As much as an olive. Rabbi Judah says: as much as an egg."

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subject book bibliographic info
berakhot Alikin (2009) 238
birkat ha-mazon Alikin (2009) 238
doxology Alikin (2009) 238
legumes,and social status Gardner (2015) 89
legumes Gardner (2015) 89
olive oil Gardner (2015) 89
olives Gardner (2015) 89
peah Gardner (2015) 89
permanent,value-judgment approach Gardner (2015) 89
prayereucharistic' Alikin (2009) 238
rosenblum,jordan Gardner (2015) 89
sen,amartya Gardner (2015) 89