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Mishnah, Berachot, 6.8

nanIf one has eaten grapes, figs or pomegranates he blesses after them three blessings, the words of Rabban Gamaliel. The sages say: one blessing which includes three. Rabbi Akiva says: even if one ate only boiled vegetables and that is his meal, he says after it the three blessings. If one drinks water to quench his thirst, he says “By Whose word all things exist.” Rabbi Tarfon says: “Who creates many living things and their requirements.”"

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subject book bibliographic info
berakhot Alikin (2009) 238
birkat ha-mazon Alikin (2009) 238
doxology Alikin (2009) 238
food Gardner (2015) 95
prayereucharistic' Alikin (2009) 238
sabbath Gardner (2015) 95
tamhui,provisions for sabbath Gardner (2015) 95
vegetables Gardner (2015) 95
wine Gardner (2015) 95