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Mishnah, Berachot, 6.5

nanIf he blessed over the wine before the meal he has exempted the wine after the meal. If he blessed over the appetizer (parperet) before the meal, he has exempted the dessert (parperet) after the meal. If he blessed over the bread he has exempted the appetizer/dessert (parperet), but if he blessed over the appetizer/dessert (parperet) he has not exempted the bread. Bet Shammai say: [he has not even exempted] a cooked [grain] dish."

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subject book bibliographic info
berakhot Alikin (2009) 238
birkat ha-mazon Alikin (2009) 238
doxology Alikin (2009) 238
prayereucharistic' Alikin (2009) 238