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Mishnah, Berachot, 4.7

nanRabbi Elazar ben Azaryah says: The musaf prayer is said only with the local congregation. The sages say: whether with or with out the congregation. Rabbi Judah said in his name: wherever there is a congregation, an individual is exempt from saying the musaf prayer."

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subject book bibliographic info
hever ha-ir Levine (2005) 545
prayer,christian Levine (2005) 545
prayer,individual Levine (2005) 545
r. eliezer b. azariah Levine (2005) 545
r. joshua (b. hanania) Levine (2005) 545
r. joshua b. levi Levine (2005) 545
r. simeon b. netanel Levine (2005) 545
r. yohanan Levine (2005) 545
r. yohanan b. zakkai Levine (2005) 545
rabban gamaliel ii of yavneh,obligatory prayer liturgy Levine (2005) 545
sepphoris,hever ha-ir Levine (2005) 545
sepphoris,r. yohanan Levine (2005) 545
sheliah tzibbur,prayer leader' Levine (2005) 545
yavnean period,rabbis and prayer Levine (2005) 545