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Mishnah, Berachot, 4.4

nanRabbi Eliezer says: if a man makes his prayers fixed, it is not [true] supplication. Rabbi Joshua says: if one is traveling in a dangerous place, he says a short prayer, saying: Save, O Lord, Your people the remnant of Israel. In every time of crisis may their needs be before You. Blessed are You, O Lord, who hears prayer."

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subject book bibliographic info
adam Eilberg-Schwartz (1986) 107
agency Eilberg-Schwartz (1986) 217
bertinoro Eilberg-Schwartz (1986) 217
deuteronomist Eilberg-Schwartz (1986) 217
eichrodt Eilberg-Schwartz (1986) 217
elders Levine (2005) 544
eliezer Sigal (2007) 75
eliezer b. hyrcanus Sigal (2007) 75
piyyut,byzantine palestine,and liturgy Levine (2005) 570
piyyut,byzantine palestine,and prayer Levine (2005) 570
piyyut,byzantine palestine,genizah Levine (2005) 570
r. aqiva Levine (2005) 544
r. joshua (b. hanania) Levine (2005) 544
rabban gamaliel ii of yavneh,obligatory prayer liturgy Levine (2005) 544
simeon hapaquli,origin of amidah Levine (2005) 544
study,communal,tamid (daily) sacrifice' Levine (2005) 570
yavnean period,rabbis and prayer Levine (2005) 544