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Mishnah, Berachot, 3.2

nanWhen they have buried the dead and returned [from the grave], if they have time to begin and finish [the Shema] before they get to the row, they should begin, but if not they should not begin. Those who stand in the row, those on the inside are exempt, but those on the outside are liable."

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subject book bibliographic info
deeds vs. study Hirshman (2009) 33
ejaculants/baal qeri Cohen (2010) 405
menstruants/niddah,and the sacred Cohen (2010) 405
menstruants/niddah,food preparation Cohen (2010) 405
shema Hirshman (2009) 33
sherman,thomas p. Hirshman (2009) 143
weinfeld,moshe Hirshman (2009) 143
zav/zavim' Cohen (2010) 405