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Mishnah, Berachot, 2.5

nanA bridegroom is exempt from reciting the Shema on the first night until the end of the Shabbat, if he has not performed the act. It happened with Rabban Gamaliel who recited the Shema on the first night after he had married. His students said to him: Our master, have you not taught us that a bridegroom is exempt from reciting the Shema. He replied to them: I will not listen to you to remove from myself the Kingship of Heaven even for a moment."

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amidah" '123.0_118.0@ten commandments (decalogue) Reif (2006) 118
benedictions/blessings Reif (2006) 118
cohen,shaye Hidary (2017) 85
gamaliel of yavneh,rabban,on nonconformity Hidary (2017) 85
hermogenes of tarsus Hidary (2017) 85
marriage Reif (2006) 118
neusner,jacob Hidary (2017) 85
patriarch (under romans) Hidary (2017) 85
schwartz,seth Hidary (2017) 85
stern,david Hidary (2017) 85
yadin,azzan' Hidary (2017) 85