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Mishnah, Berachot, 1.5

nanThey mention the Exodus from Egypt at night. Rabbi Elazar ben Azaryah said: \"Behold, I am almost a seventy-year old man and I have not succeeded in [understanding why] the Exodus from Egypt should be mentioned at night, until Ben Zoma explained it from a verse (Deuteronomy 16:3): ‘In order that you may remember the day you left Egypt all the days of your life.’ ‘The days of your life’ refers to the days. ‘All the days of your life’ refers to the nights. And the sages say: ‘the days of your life’ refers to this world. ‘All the days of your life’ includes the days of the Messiah."

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subject book bibliographic info
angels Rowland (2009) 356
ben azzai,shimon Rowland (2009) 356
ben zoma,shimon Rowland (2009) 356
classical world Reif (2006) 119
creation,creator Rowland (2009) 356
hakhamim,hakham Rowland (2009) 356
heresy Rowland (2009) 356
knowledge Rowland (2009) 356
logos Rowland (2009) 356
meir,rabbi Rowland (2009) 356
metatron Rowland (2009) 356
mezuzah Levine (2005) 551
misiwi/commands/precepts Reif (2006) 119
nash papyrus Levine (2005) 551
papyrological evidence,prayer Levine (2005) 551
paul Rowland (2009) 356
prayer,daily Levine (2005) 551
r. joshua b. qorha Levine (2005) 551
r. simeon b. yohai Levine (2005) 551
shema,biblical passages Levine (2005) 551
shema,nash papyrus Levine (2005) 551
shema,themes Levine (2005) 551
tefillin' Levine (2005) 551
torah and torah study Reif (2006) 119
tsitsit (fringes) Reif (2006) 119
wisdom Rowland (2009) 356