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Mishnah, Berachot, 1.4

nanIn the morning he recites two blessings before it and one after it; in the evening two before it and two after it, one long and one short. Where they [the sages] said that a long one should be said, he may not say a short one; where they said a short one he may not say a long one [Where they said] to conclude [with a blessing] he is not permitted to not conclude; where they said to not conclude [with a blessing], he may not conclude."

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subject book bibliographic info
abraham Jonquière (2007) 47
daily prayer Jonquière (2007) 47
daniel Jonquière (2007) 47
in the morning Alikin (2009) 84
isaac Jonquière (2007) 47
jacob Jonquière (2007) 47
prayer times,ninth hour Jonquière (2007) 47
prayer times Jonquière (2007) 47
qumran Alikin (2009) 84
sacrifice Jonquière (2007) 47
shema Jonquière (2007) 47
singing' Alikin (2009) 84
thanksgiving Jonquière (2007) 47